Using Existing Video to Strengthen Video Blog Posts

May 26, 2016


Today we wanted to share this video that we recently published for our client Miller Friel, a Washington D.C. law firm that specializes in insurance recovery.This blog post depicts an incredible story of how AIG mishandled a massive pipeline explosion claim, only to get tagged at trial with an equally massive bad faith verdict.   The shocking deposition video of AIG’s lead claims adjuster, seriously calling into question the old adage that, “you can’t win or lose a case based on a deposition.”

This is a great example of how to strengthen your video blog post with existing footage. In this case we used a deposition video from a May, 2007 case. Including the footage of the deposition strengthened the narrative of the story and enhanced the point that the partner Brian Friel was making. In the end the deposition video ended up helping Miller Friel win this case. If you have existing footage, its good to use but use it wisely. You should make sure it enhances your story and you are not putting it in for the fun of it.

Mixing Archive Footage With 4K Footage For Blog Posts

Because we shoot all of our footage in 4K, we get a lot of questions about how existing or archive footage will look when paired with our cinema quality cameras. We actually think that this dichotomy is a positive reinforcing the fact that that this footage can enhance the storytelling. If the archive content is  important to the story audiences will forgive the quality jump. This technique is commonly used by documentary filmmakers and the contradiction of image quality can actually be quite exciting.

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Example of video blog post

Example Video Blog Post: This Week From H&H Law Center

Feb 5, 2016

Today I wanted to give an example of a blog post from one of our clients. H&H Law Center is a small defense team based in Portland, Maine. All they do is criminal defense work, so they some strong thoughts about how the laws work in Maine.

As a little backstory, recently Maine has adopted a system of Drug Recognition Experts as a way to determine if a driver is operating under the influence of drugs. While in theory this sounds like a good idea, in practice the definition of impairment is difficult to judge without any universally agreed upon standards. In this blog post one of the partners, Merritt Heminway talks about a recent case they worked on that involved one of these experts.

This post is good example of how a video blogger can show their expertise in their field by citing real world examples and engaging their potential clients with a story. The story is so much more engaging than a theoretical dissertation about the topic.

I love how passionate these guys are about criminal defense, and have learned a ton about our rights that are guaranteed under the law. I obviously hope I’ll never need their help, but feel pretty good about my chances if I ever do…