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Why Do We Shoot Blog Videos In 4k?

Sep 12, 2015

Blog videos, by their very nature, live on the internet. These videos will never be shown at an independent film festival, or a movie theater, or even a TV set. So why do we shoot our blog videos with a RED 4k camera? This seems like overkill.

The answer comes down to the edit. When it’s time to take your video blog content online we need to edit the footage and make the whole piece look as high quality and smooth as possible. Often we are making cuts to cover pauses in speech, or the occasional (but very rare) stumble or misplaced word. By shooting two 4k cameras simultaneously, we can edit out the glitches by cutting to the second camera, or “punching in” on the first.

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Who Should Video Blog?

Jun 2, 2015

No matter the size of your company, school, or profession everyone is the expert in their own category and wants to be heard.

For example, take a school who would like to increase their online presence to future students. We could interview a few chosen current students, parents and faculty highlighting the school’s athletics, arts and academics to give the perspective student and parent a reminder of the excellence in each area the school provides. We could even do features on successful alumni as well, telling their stories of growth from the foundations they built at your school.

We could also increase alumni participation for fundraising for a capital campaign. What is a better way of getting in touch with folks than sending them short video clips from the faculty, students, or parents about what’s happening at the school? Or better yet, interviews with successful alumni to help remind folks of where they came from. This is where video plays a huge part because people will see and hear from the person or place they remember. We can also fill the post with some extra shots of the campus to bring back that nostalgic feeling when they were walking around campus. Video is an amazingly powerful tool when used correctly.

Another example would be for a large company. Video blogging could be an internal tool to help motivate your employees with short clips from current clients or management about what a great job they are doing and how to continue to succeed. Or an external blog to help with public relations for the company and what amazing things you are up to.

No matter the size of your company or school or mission you have, video blogging could play a huge part in your success.