Video Blogging Testimonial

Video Blogging Testimonial: What Our Clients Say

Dec 14, 2015


Video Blogging Testimonial: Mark Miller, Miller Friel PLLC

If you are considering video blogging with Red Lion Content and want to hear from one of our clients who has been through the process, take a look at this testimonial video.

Mark Miller is one of the founding partners of Washington, DC based law firm Miller Friel, PLLC. His firm works in the highly specialized world of insurance recovery law, and wanted to put together a video blog that could connect with corporate insurance policy holders and educate them about trends in the business. We have shot for Miller Friel in their DC office, as well as on the road with them in Phoenix, Arizona. Since we started video blogging for them their site has seen a 60% increase in traffic.

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Video Blogging Power

The Power Without The Pain

Oct 5, 2015

The power of blogging, or as it is commonly called these days, content marketing, is real. We have seen the results ourselves for our clients – we had one client who had a 70% increase in organic search traffic in just one month. She has continued to grow, with her traffic up 117% in a little less than a year. That has translated into an equally impressive increase in revenue.

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What is Video Blogging?

Jul 12, 2015

So you are probably asking yourself this all sounds great but what is video blogging? Well you are probably familiar with the written blog from friends, family members or colleagues. A video blog is basically the same thing without the hassle of sitting down and writing. You are talking to a camera instead. Think of it as having a client in front of you and you are answering their questions about your expertise. Whether it’s a procedure they are thinking of having done, or an insurance claim that’s going wrong, or you need a criminal attorney because your kid was just arrested. (hopefully you never do).

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