Today I wanted to give an example of a blog post from one of our clients. H&H Law Center is a small defense team based in Portland, Maine. All they do is criminal defense work, so they some strong thoughts about how the laws work in Maine.

As a little backstory, recently Maine has adopted a system of Drug Recognition Experts as a way to determine if a driver is operating under the influence of drugs. While in theory this sounds like a good idea, in practice the definition of impairment is difficult to judge without any universally agreed upon standards. In this blog post one of the partners, Merritt Heminway talks about a recent case they worked on that involved one of these experts.

This post is good example of how a video blogger can show their expertise in their field by citing real world examples and engaging their potential clients with a story. The story is so much more engaging than a theoretical dissertation about the topic.

I love how passionate these guys are about criminal defense, and have learned a ton about our rights that are guaranteed under the law. I obviously hope I’ll never need their help, but feel pretty good about my chances if I ever do…