We Shoot, We Edit, We Post

We ask lots of questions.  And you, being the true authority in your field, just need to answer. One session of interviews can yield enough SEO-rich information that can fill your blog for 2-3 months. This method of Q&A video blogging is low impact on you, and effective for your website.

Today, there are no short cuts when it comes to making your company rank highly on Google. This is a good thing.  It means all you need to do is try harder and work smarter than your competition. We want to help you do that.

An Investment In Quality Content

The investment in content marketing is a long-term project that is used to achieve the long-term goal of ranking on the first page of Google searches for your particular specialty. We are not the source for someone looking to get to the top of the search results in a week. Anyone who promises you that is not to be trusted. We are about taking the long view of healthy and beneficial content creation.

So, we start by creating the content. It is our goal to keep the content on your site fresh and keep the burden off of you to constantly write blog posts.

We work with you to create a list of FAQs that will demonstrate your expertise in your category. The idea is to reach your potential clients when they are in need of your services.  If you consistently produce knowledgeable answers to common questions in your field, you become an authority on the topics surrounding your business. 

We interview you and edit the interview into 2-3 minute videos. We shoot for about 1-2 posts per week, aiming for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each week we can also boost each blog post on social media.

The process is straightforward. What you are committing to is regularity and quality – but without the daily stress of content creation.