Blog videos, by their very nature, live on the internet. These videos will never be shown at an independent film festival, or a movie theater, or even a TV set. So why do we shoot our blog videos with a RED 4k camera? This seems like overkill.

The answer comes down to the edit. When it’s time to take your video blog content online we need to edit the footage and make the whole piece look as high quality and smooth as possible. Often we are making cuts to cover pauses in speech, or the occasional (but very rare) stumble or misplaced word. By shooting two 4k cameras simultaneously, we can edit out the glitches by cutting to the second camera, or “punching in” on the first.

Pixels by Pixels

Here’s where the explanation gets a bit more technical. Our RED camera shoots at a pixel ratio of 4096x by 2160. That’s a huge file. (As a side note, we regularly shoot nearly 2TB of footage for an average blog shoot.) The HD output on YouTube or Wistia is 1920 by 1080 pixels. This means that we have twice as much image resolution than we need on each frame.

So, if we need to cover a stumble, we can take the same piece of footage, cut out the bad bits, and push in on the shot after the edit. This way the transition isn’t isn’t so jarring. And, because we are working with two 4k cameras, we have tons of different ways to cut between footage. We could cut from Camera A at 100% to Camera B at 100%, or Camera A at 100% to Camera B at 200%, or Camera A at 100% to Camera A at 200%… you get the idea.

The Flexibility of RAW

One other nice feature of the 4k RED is it shoots in its own RAW file format – we we can make adjustments to the exposure and the color temperature of shots in post production, and have the kind of flexibility that photographers are accustomed to if you have ever worked with a RAW photo file.

At the end of the day, the investment we made in these cinema quality cameras translates to a more pleasing final blog video for you.

So, is it overkill? Maybe. But does it mean your blog will be better? Yes.