The power of blogging, or as it is commonly called these days, content marketing, is real. We have seen the results ourselves for our clients – we had one client who had a 70% increase in organic search traffic in just one month. She has continued to grow, with her traffic up 117% in a little less than a year. That has translated into an equally impressive increase in revenue.

What is also real is that blogging is a ton of work. When done correctly, it takes hours of potentially billable time away from your business. Not only that, it is a headache. To execute an effective content marketing strategy you need to be constantly writing, researching, hitting deadlines, posting and sharing.

What if there was a way to get the benefits of content marketing without the constant grind of producing content?

Red Lion is the way.

We produce beautiful, useful, search friendly video content that can tell your brand’s story consistently. Here’s how it works. We come to your office and produce video interviews of your key players, bring all the gathered footage back to our studio and cut it into two to four minute blog videos. We have you approve the video, then we transcribe it for you, post it for you, and share it for you. Your investment in time is reduced to one interview day every few months and two approvals a week. You get all the upside without the sleepless nights trawling the internet for inspiration.

Don’t have a blog? We do that too. We have designers and builders that can get you up and blogging in as little as a week.

We know the process is painful if you go it on your own. We have set up a system to remove the pain and provide excellent content that will elevate your brand and your visibility.