Video Blogging Testimonial: Mark Miller, Miller Friel PLLC

If you are considering video blogging with Red Lion Content and want to hear from one of our clients who has been through the process, take a look at this testimonial video.

Mark Miller is one of the founding partners of Washington, DC based law firm Miller Friel, PLLC. His firm works in the highly specialized world of insurance recovery law, and wanted to put together a video blog that could connect with corporate insurance policy holders and educate them about trends in the business. We have shot for Miller Friel in their DC office, as well as on the road with them in Phoenix, Arizona. Since we started video blogging for them their site has seen a 60% increase in traffic.

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Here’s a transcript of the video:

Hi I’m Mark Miller we’re here in Phoenix Arizona doing a video shoot for video blogging. We’re using Red Lion Content as our provider. The reason why we went with them is because they do such a great job. We are a law firm, Miller Friel, and we pursue insurance recovery claims for clients. What we want to do is stand out in front, get out in front of the competition so to speak. And we knew intuitively that video is important because Google was ranking it higher on their searches. And we wanted to have a company that could do the video blogging for us.

So we have a blog in place but we wanted to get the video content up there. And what we think is important is to have that up there for clients to see and get to know us. It’s basically creating a relationship without actually meeting a client. But when they call us on the phone hopefully they will know what we look like, they’ve heard us talk, they know if were funny, they know if were boring. We do insurance so we’re probably on the more boring side but nonetheless we get our face out there. We get our names out there. We get our people out there, we get our clients out there talking and showing what we do. And we understand that that’s going to help our Google ranking and it’s going to help promote our firm. It preserves the argument and the types of ideas that we have and it gets it out there.

As a side benefit from these folks at Red Lion Content are very nice to work with. They correct us when we do something wrong, which is a good thing. They listen when we’re stating things and they ask, is it working, is it not working? But they are back there thinking about it.  We think that we know what we’re doing but that sometimes is a negative. Because you don’t always know what you’re doing. So they listen to us and they say, could you say that a different way? Could you think about this? Does this matter, does that matter and it brings out a more conversational way.

We have looked at many law firm videos on the web and a lot of them are like,  “I’d like to talk about three things, one…” and they get kind of boring. And you have to fight that as a lawyer.  They help us make it conversational. We are very happy with the work that they have done. They are posting two video blogs a week, which is a lot of content. But the thing that we like about it is that it was very very little imposition on us. When we get the chance they come and do content. They do all the editing for us. What they give us is almost always a final cut of what gets posted. There are very few things like , oh my God the sound is wrong, or oh my God the video looks confusing or I said something that I didn’t like. All that stuff they take care of behind the scenes.  They put it together in a product that you can look at and listen to and see and get something out of it. The stress and the problems have been very, very, very minimal. All we have to do is basically show up and dressed nicely.