So you are probably asking yourself this all sounds great but what is video blogging? Well you are probably familiar with the written blog from friends, family members or colleagues. A video blog is basically the same thing without the hassle of sitting down and writing. You are talking to a camera instead. Think of it as having a client in front of you and you are answering their questions about your expertise. Whether it’s a procedure they are thinking of having done, or an insurance claim that’s going wrong, or you need a criminal attorney because your kid was just arrested. (hopefully you never do).

These are all things that when people have questions, the first thing they do is jump online and research it. But you’ve heard the saying, I found it online so it must be right. The thing is you don’t know the source it’s coming from, so why not hear it from the experts mouth. The public wants someone they can trust and the best way to instill that trust is to show a picture of who’s talking.

Through a video interview the potential clients get to know you for who you are. Are you a caring doctor who will give your truthful opinion to them on whether to have the surgery or not. Are you a kick ass lawyer who will fight for your client’s rights. Or are you an interior decorator who has all these creative ideas that would be amazing to work with on your new house. At the end of the day, you want all your clients to trust you and believe that you are the expert in their time of need.

This is why video blogging is so incredibly helpful to you and your business.